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used cars under 5000

I’m a college student, so if you have any suggestions of cars that are good for college students let me know.

A: There are some good cars in this price range, but there are some really crappy ones also. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy the first one you see, and that you should be able to get it checked out byu a mechanic before purchasing ($30-$60). Well worth the price.

Do you have cash? If not, you will not get a good car for this price range as the only sellers that will finance are in-house financing dealers. They attempt to sell their cars at a premium, and get a high financing rate to boot. Your $5000 car will end up costing what a decent $9000 car would have cost (after a few years considering maintenance/repairs, interest on the loan, and value of the car compared to the cost).

So my recommendation is if you have cash look for a Civic or Corolla from $3K-$5K. If you are financing, look for the same car but less than 10 years old and from $6Kto $9K.

Q: what are the best used cars under 5000.00?
esp. for teenagers

A: Honda Civic
Nissan Sentra
Ford Ranger
Ford Focus
Jeep Wrangler
Mazda 626
Mazda Protege
Toyota Camry
Chevy Cavalier

There are many others, these are just the most common or most reliable that I have seen. Look through the classifieds in your newspaper

Q: I am looking for good and reliable used car under within 5000 bucks.What car do you suggest?
I am looking for good and reliable used car under within 5000 bucks.What car do you suggest and what can I expect from that car you are suggesting?I am living in central new jersey area.

A: I have a 97 accord – zero problems with the car, and I’ve had it for a couple years.

especially if you are budget conscious and looking to save money instead of wasting it on car payments, the accord is a great way to go. Pay cash for it, and get ready to drive it for years to come.

Q: What is the best used car under $5000 to buy in terms of value, parts and distance?
Honda? Acura? Mazda? Any others?

A: It should be 4-door, 4-cyls, not sporty. I would prefer Honda or Toyota… First time drivers usually have much more expensive car insurance, and it depends from car. You should compare insurance rates while choosing the car – for example here –

Q: What are some good used cars priced under $5000, in Kelley Blue Book?

A: check out hyundai elantras and accents they actually have fairly good reliability ratings and low resale values so you can get a car with low millage in good condition for fairly cheap. Just make sure you have it inspected by an independent mechanic before you buy it which goes for any used car.

Q: Help Finding Used Car Under 5000 Dollars.?
I am looking for a car under 5000 that would be good for a new driver. I don’t know much about cars and engines and all that so I need your help. I want a reliable car preferably sporty that can run in summer and winter(snowy conditions). It’ll probably just be used for travelling around the city. I also would like a car that I can improve or soup up as I get more money. So far all i’ve been hearing is the Honda Civic, any other suggestions?

A: I would call your local credit unions and car repossession companies. You will find some selection and be able to buy way below book, therefore get more car for your money. There are a lot of good deals out there. I often am able to buy for pennies on the dollar. I bought a 2006 Toyota Highlander in 2008 for just $6000. So, believe me, the deals are there.

Q: which make/model of used cars sell the best and why? Im interrested in cars that would be under $5000 used?

A: for that price, stick with the reliable small cars

A fwe good cars would be the Ford Focus, Dodge Neon, Toyota Corolla nad the Honda Civic

All of those cars can be found under 5k, and they are for the most part reliable. They’re small, so their good on gas, and they’re pretty stylish for a new driver.

Q: best used cars for under 5000?
im 17 and 5000 is about all i can pay for a new car. the type of car im looking for is one that gives the biggest bang for the buck. also one the can reach 200000 miles without getting too many costly problems.

A: look for

98 Acura CL, 98 Ford Mustang V6, 98 Honda Accord or Civic, 98 Nissan Frontier or Pathfinder, 98 Subaru Impreza or Legacy, 98 -00 Toyota Corolla or Echo 00

these are all reliable and will last longer than other cars in this price range.


A: Car Max
Auto Trader

Q: I get my licence soon and i want a convertible car under $5000 (a used car under bout 80000kms)?

A: The Honda Del Sol is a great car and very fun to drive. A convertible (hard top, with the top being stored in the trunk as with a cloth top it does not wear out) and you can find many on eBay and in local papers for sale typically. They are usually maintained very well by the owners because they were only made for 4 years and many can be found in great condition with low mileage. Also, since it is a Honda they retain there value and you can add lots of extras. Have fun and be safe in whatever you decide to get.

Q: how come I can get a loan to buy a house for over ($200k)but I cant get a loan to buy a used car under $5000?

A: Because while cars almost always go down (depreciate) in value, houses almost always go up (appreciate) in value.

When a bank loans you money, the only thing they have to guarantee that they will get it back is the title to what you borrowed against. If you pay the loan they get their money and then some, of course… but if you don;t, then they have to reposses and sell whatever you had and get their money back that way. With a car they will probably not be able to get the amount of the loan back, but with a house, chances are better…. therefor they will be more likely to loan against a house versus a car.

Q: Are there any used cars you can recommend to me for under $5000 CDN?
just lookin for a car under 5 grand need advice on what cars that are reliable

A: 1 good word wich is “Ebay”, that is where i got my subaru from, look around.

Q: Can I buy a used car for under $5000?
I am currently 15, and hope to get my drivers license next May. Through assorted mowing of yards, walking of dogs, etc. I have earned almost $5000. Can I get a decent used car for under that? If so, I would love to spend less than that. How much does an average used, boring sedan cost?

A: yes

for $4,000

98 Acura CL, 98 Ford Mustang V6, 98 Honda Accord or Civic, 98 Nissan Frontier or Pathfinder, 98 Subaru Impreza or Legacy, 98 -00 Toyota Corolla or Echo 00

Q: Whats the best used car to buy for $5000 or under?
I’m looking to buy a used car or truck for under $5000, but I’m not sure what to get. I want something that doesn’t have a ton of miles on it and can last awhile. Everyone says that hondas are the best or VW but I really don’t have a clue. I’m looking for something with more space, mostly in the backseat because I have a son. Does anyone have an idea of what I should buy?

A: Any GM car with a 3.8 V-6 motor. They last well up into the 100,000 mile range without problems. And compared to foreign cars that are reliable such as Honda or Toyota, are cheaper on insurance and can be purchased with fairly low miles for around $5,000. You would have to go with an older import with over 100,000 miles to get in your price range A few good examples of reliable GM cars are Buick LeSabre, Chevy Impala, and the Pontiac Grand Prix.

Q: What’s the best used car under 5000.00?

A: I’d say a Nissan maxima. I’ve got over 200,000 kms on mine and it runs like a top. For great used car buying tips check out

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